based on a true story

truest story of my life

Favorite egg I’ve made (Eggzra)
Didn’t want to come home this weekend, but then I took my dog to the beach and changed my mind. We were both overdressed in all black (ha) sprawled out in the sand under the sun and panting. This is my best friend.

Colin wouldn’t wake up to answer the phone so I just talked to Travis about life for thirty minutes and then my string lights burned out and my extra strand is lost at a co op. So lame and so late. So long and goodnight.

There’s nothing I want more in life

Hodō Nishimura

 (by peterbaker)

someone feed me cookie dough and sushi and make me be productive


last night colin and i got sushi and coffee in grand rapids before seeing tokyo police club and that is essentially my ideal date. 

and they put on a great show and looked so happy to see an energetic crowd and went completely unplugged for a song which is an amazing thing to do if you can actually get a packed room to shut up. i’m really happy that these are the things i ignore my responsibilities for.

Vampire Weekend // Modern Vampires of the City tshirt design (x)